5 Ways to Earn Money as a Prepper

geralt / Pixabay

Prepping can be a very expensive lifestyle choice. Although there are many articles on how you can prep on a budget (including on this site) the costs really do start to add up! Not to mention if you are going as far as building an underground bunker the costs can become astronomical! Here are a few ways you can use your experience as a prepper to generate a bit of extra income to help you along.

5Article Writing

If you are an experienced writer, then why not get in touch with the many online blogs you have experience in and ask them to hire you. Here at preppers.pro we are always on the lookout for fun and hard working writers, just get in contact and send us some samples.

There are blogs covering every aspect of prepping ranging from hand to hand combat to food prep and cooking. Work out what your niche is then start doing a bit of blogger outreach. Build up a rapport with a few blogs and get your name out there, better still, start a social media profile to give yourself better exposure and make sure all the articles you write include your contact info.

Exactly how much you earn depends on your experience and knowledge. To start off with you may only be able to earn $10 per article but as you become more experienced and generate more demand you can start charging $100+. Remember the more in-depth and technical your knowledge is the more you can charge.

4Survival Courses

If you have real world experience and are good with people why not try running courses in your local neighbourhood? You can cover anything from outdoor survival skills to self-defense. No matter where you live you probably have a few facebook communities which you can utilise to get your course noticed. When times goes on you will get more and more clients as word spreads (assuming you are any good).

3Selling Products

This may seem like an obvious one. But when you start prepping on a budget you may find you start creating your own products from homemade pickled food to composting facilities. Start selling locally to see if there is demand for your product then expand to eBay and amazon. Remember eBay and amazon have very large fees to contend with so mark up accordingly.

2Sell yourself

Chances are you have developed some skills as a prepper (aside from hoarding and scavenging). These skills can be used and applied in the outside world. For example, if you started your own vegetable garden from nothing then there is no doubt someone in your community looking for something similar. The bigger and better your prepper projects have been the more you have to show to potential customers.

For those budding builders why not show off you custom made BBQ to your neighbours? Chances are you will generate at least some interested. Word of mouth will no doubt follow and before you know it everyone will want you!

1start a blog

This is far from a quick and easy method to generate money! But if you have patience and a lot of time then why not start a blog? there are literally thousands of sites out there which will guide you through the process. You can then monetize your site with google adsense (see the right-hand side of this page) and amazon links. Building up enough traffic to make a reliable income takes A LOT of time and it won’t happen overnight. Alternatively, if you just want your voice to be heard or wish to contribute a few articles to preppers.pro then get in contact with us.