All the prepping in the world won’t help if you’re fat!

Overweight hungry woman eating hamburger.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. America is the one of the most obese countries in the world and as most people reading this article will be from United States this article is aimed squarely  at you! Having attended several survivalist meetings and conventions it is maybe a slight understatement to say that most of the attendees are rather overweight. I’m not talking just a few pounds but hundreds.

If the shift hits the fan and survival is of paramount importance to you then you need to be in peak physical condition to have the best chance of survival. Many people I have met from  prepper and survivalist of communities seem to get exhausted just walking up stairs. If you end up in a survival bunker  situation don’t think you can just sit around all day eating cakes and drinking Coke. There is a lot of physical activities that need to be done when put in such a situation.

One may find themselves in situations where they need to fight. This is rather difficult to do if you are out of shape. Even those in very good physical condition find themselves exhausted after just a minutes or two of fighting. Those of you that are overweight will find it even more difficult. Don’t think you can just shoot your way out of any situation as this is not always the case.

Even putting hand-to-hand combat to one side there are many other reasons you need to be in great shape. You may need to travel long distances by foot which can be quickly exhausting if you are carrying extra weight. Planting food and looking after livestock can also be very strenuous, just look at the average farmer and his physique.

Personally, I have always been slightly overweight but have recently been doing things about it. For example I have been intermittent fasting which means I don’t eat anything for 23 hours of the day and just have a one-hour feeding window which I can eat whatever I want. This has led to a decent decrease in weight and am much more energetic throughout the day. Other popular methods of weight loss include keto diet which means cutting out all carbs such as rice and potatoes.

Of course, it’s not all about how much you weigh but how much endurance and physical fitness you have. Getting down the gym and starting a regular workout routine is a great step to getting into shape. Personally I have found that running gets me in to a better physical condition as it allows me to be outside and I can run with large groups of people and everyone pushes each other harder. If you do decide to take up running remember to take it easy at first as you can overdo it cause damage especially if you are over 40.

Whatever you decide to do in order to prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario remember you are only as good as your body allows you to be. Spending thousands of dollars on an underground bunker is useless if you have a heart attack just walking down the stairs to access it.