Ben Fogel – New Lives in the Wild Series 6 Episode 1 (s06e01)


Ben Fogel kicks off a new series of ‘new lives in the wild’ by visiting an Australian couple who have moved to an incredible remote island off the west coast of Australia. The island, aptly called ‘wilderness island‘ is 30 miles off the coast but Can only be reached by plane.

Due to the remote location of the island certain goods such as food and fresh water can prove to be incredibly expensive. There is no fresh water supply as such water must be collected from the very infrequent rain showers. Showers are a source of luxury for the couple so they make use of swimming in the vast ocean. A lot of food such as meat and vegetables can be grown on the island but if you are looking for a source of more westernised cuisine that it all needs to be imported from the mainland at a substantial cost. According to the couple they spend $1500 a month on goods from the mainland and the costs are covered by renting out several beach huts scattered around the island which are open to anyone throughout the year. This seems like a great opportunity for those wishing to seek out a truly remote holiday in the wilderness.

This location won’t be for everyone but your own remote desert island is hard to beat for  those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a major densely populated area. Western Australia itself was already pretty remote with Perth being the only main settlement for large amounts of people and even then it is pretty small by American standards.

Getting to and from the island can be done by flying. They have their own landing strip but of course this will be totally inaccessible during wet seasons or times of heavy rain and only very small aircraft can land. Alternatively a small boat can ferry you between the island  and mainland after which you have a pretty long offer drive to the nearest big town.

All in all this was a very interesting start to the new series as Australia is a fascinating and wildly remote country where self preservation can be key to survival even in this day and age.


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