Ben Fogle – New Lives in the Wild Series 5 Episode 1 (s05e01)


In this episode Ben Fogle travels to the wild Pacific north-west USA. A stunning location with severely cold temperatures during the winter Fogle meets up with ex-punkrocker Lynx. Travelling by horseback through the wilderness the pair reach a small log cabin where lynxhas been spending the last few years. Originally Lynx was living In London and travelled round Europe as a punk rocker.

Interestingly enough we see that Lynx purchased a plot of land which came with a stunning wood cabin, metal roof and even solar panels. The cabin features a satellite hookup so she can call family back home in emergencies. However, fearing this was a bit too much luxury, Lynx imposed several laws onto herself such as only being able to live in the luxury of such a cabin one or two months of the year. The rest of the time she lives in a home-made cabin with no natural light and a bear skin sleeping bag, a far cry from what one might imagine.

Preppers can take notes from this episode as although Lynx may be in the wild she still has electricity and satellite hookups. While you may feel you need to be in the wilderness don’t feel you have to be completely shut away from society. Keeping in contact with loved ones is important for your own sanity and to provide comfort for them.

Interestingly enough Lynx has expenses of around US$10,000 per year. This is mainly due to the costs involved in keeping horses. In order to cover her costs she offers lessons to students and anyone else interested in wilderness survival as well as horseriding. It’s impressive to think that she has survived herself on less  than what it costs to keep two horses.

For food, Lynx hunts during the autumn season and keeps food frozen throughout the winter. Due to the fact that winter months leave very little to be foraged it is important for her survival that she builds up a large base of food during the autumn time. The only food she purchases from actual retailers is when she has to buy hay and other horse food.