Ben Fogle – New Lives in the Wild Series 5 Episode 2 (S05e02)


If you are looking to relocate somewhere remote then you will be hard pushed to find somewhere more deserted and rugged the middle of Tanzania. In this week’s episode Ben Fogel travels to the African country to meet a British couple who have now called this incredible location their permanent home. Molly and Noel have invited Ben to live with them for a few days at their remote property which takes several hours of dirt track driving to reach after a 90 minute plane flight which finishes at a dirt strip in the middle of nowhere. If you are looking for a true middle of nowhere location then this one is pretty hard to beat.

The couple live in one of six specially designed tents which they recently had to move from their original location close to the river due to flooding. Electricity is driven to the tents via   solar power which obviously works well in the continent of Africa. The other five tents are used by tourists which the couple show rounds the local area on safaris. The Tanzanian government granted the couple permission to live there permanently if they agreed to the condition that they aided tourists. This is also how they generate a small amount of income.

The nearest major town is a whopping 250 km away via dirt road which means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables must be grown nearby and very little fresh food meat can be bought.

Africa isn’t a country for the faint of heart. If showering in the rivers with extremely dangerous hippos near by doesn’t rake your fancy then you may want to considor an alternative location! However, those of you who wan’t to live among some of the most stunning wildlife found on earth will be hard pushed to find anywhere better than Tanzania!