Ben Fogle – New Lives in the Wild Series 4 Episode 1 Review (s04e01)


In this week’s episode we see Ben Fogle travel to the south east Asian country of Laos. Here he meets a former Londoner, John, who moved to the country to escape the hustle and and bustle of the big city.

Laos is a beautiful country which I personally have visited several times over the last few years so this episode was a personal favourite of mine. Laos is a stunning country but is incredibly impoverished even when compared to neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam. However, one of the upsides is the fact that it is incredibly cheap to live as John himself found out when he moves with just a £2,500 and was able to purchase some land. He goes on to explain biggest living costs is electricity costing just £15 per month.


We see John experience Laos village life as 50 locals rush to help him move an entire house made out of wood to his new plot, he is even employed by locals at a rate of £2,000 per year which covers his costs! Preppers can take notes from this episode regarding the cost of living in foreign countries. Many other episodes of this TV series feature countries such as Sweden and Australia which are extremely expensive. Those looking to retire somewhere warm and relatively safe should consider the south-east Asian countries as John has shown us. If you are worried about nuclear war from countries such as North Korea, Russia and China then Laos will be so far down on the list of targets and so out of the way you would barely notice a nuclear Armageddon.
Another takeaway for preppers is how he adapts to outside life. Catching and killing his meals while living out in the open surrounded by mosqiutoes and digging his own water trench.

Village life of course is much more different than big-city life as John has experienced. Forming relationships has been much more difficult and getting used to all the local wildlife can prove challenging. However it seems that John has very few, if any, have regrets about moving to this amazing place and hopes to live here the rest of his life.

This episode was broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK. Those living in the UK you can stream it on demand five by clicking the following link. Those outside of the UK may be able to stream this episode youtube.