Ben Fogle New Lives in the Wild Series 5 Episode 3 Hungary (s05e03)


What I particularly like about this episode of ‘new lives in the wild’ is that ben travels to a country very close to my heart. Based in Hungary we meet a young couple who up and left the United Kingdom to start a new life in a completely different culture on a very stringent budget. This episode is particularly fascinating as it is based in mainland Europe unlike a lot of other episodes in which Ben travels to for sides of the globe. What’s more impressive is the fact that this couple spent just £3000 on a farmhouse and some land in the remote Hungarian countryside. The couple hadn’t even visited the property they were buying more so they haven’t even travelled to Hungary before which makes it an incredibly brave thing to do.

This episode was filmed in 2015 and to think that property can be bought such a low price just two years ago is remarkable. They had a further budget of £2000 to survive one for as long as possible and they have really made it stretch by doing their own home repairs and growing vegetables in the garden to save money. They have budgeted just 6 pounds per day total including actual for their van which they used to drive over their belongings from the UK.

What people can really take away from this episode is even if you live in the UK or other places in Europe it is very cheap to up sticks and move to remote places in Eastern Europe. Hungary is a fantastic country to visit and locals are curious and friendly. However, the language barrier can be incredibly difficult to overcome and many people especially in small villages don’t speak any English. Other concerns especially for UK residents are the results of last year’s brexit election. Couples such as this may see themselves forced out of their homes which they have built in Hungary and throughout Europe.

One of the interesting things we saw halfway through the episode was the view of an outsider. Julia’s mother came to visit for a couple of days and she has a very different background to the couple. She is a very wealthy woman who lives a life of luxury driving Ferraris and travelling the world so it was quite a shock to see her daughter living in such a relatively ramshackle conditions. No doubt this is the view of many people who look at their lifestyle form an outsider point of view but for this British couple it is the reason they moved out here, they wanted   to be entirely self-sufficient and not have to rely on handouts from rich parents in order to survive. The couple don’t want to become millionaires in Hungary but  just want to build a nice life with their lovely dog in the beautiful Hungary countryside.

After this episode was broadcast several newspapers wrote articles on this couples adventure, although I refuse to link to the Daily Mail from this website. Another great offshoot of this episode is you can now volunteer to work with Julia and Gareth via volunteering at the work away website by clicking this link and judging by the reviews of other people that done so a fantastic time and a great experience if you wish to experience rural Hungary.