With the recent attacks unfolding in Belgium and France more and more people are looking in to prepping and survivalism should an attack on a much larger scale happen. This page will be updated with resources and links to the top prepper sites for major European countries.

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Belgian Preppers – Great resource in local language. From water treatment to Hygiene.
Preppers Belgian – Features an active forum and blog.
Survival Shop – online shop selling survival gear in Belgium
zelfredzaam – Prepper blog (not updated in a while but some good info)

Czech Republic

Preppers.cz – Discussion forum in Czech


Le Survivaliste – French Survivalist Blog
No Panic  – Popular french survalist blog


Prepper Gemeinshaft – Popular german resource


Bushcraft – Outdohr busk skills


Prepper.it – Forum, Wiki, Chat etc. Good resource for Italy.
Italia Preppers (Facebook) – Active facebook community.
Italia Preppers Network – Hasn’t been updated for a few years but may contain useful info


Doomsday Preppers – Prepper info and scenarios in dutch
Preppers.nl – Dutch preppers blog and forum
Prepshop – Dutch preppers/survivalist shop
The Dutch Prepper – Shop and blog


Survivalistas – Prepping/Survivalism and Scenario preparation.


UK Preppers Guide – Popular preppers blog aimed at UK
UK Preppers Forum – Popular discussion forum
Survival UK – Survivalist/Sustainable living style blog
Paul Kirtley – Teaching Busk Skills and Survivalism
Survive UK – Prepping blog and product reviews
Woodland Ways – Teaches bush skills and survivalism

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